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Re: OMG…….I Might Be a Cheap Ass

I recently read Chris’s, (aka Mr AE) from Apathy Ends, blogpost titled “OMG…….I Might Be a Cheap Ass” and was inspired to create my own “cheap ass” moments.


Example 1a.

I wore these washed out “black” jeans to work today. See that tiny little rip? They weren’t sold that way and I have no idea when this tear actually happened. I know it’s time to splurge on high quality black jeans, but I have other money priorities right now*. SO in the meantime you will find me wearing what I paid for in these fast fashion H&M classics.

black jeans

*Example 1b.

2 out of my 6 undies currently have holes in them 😦 … I MUST prioritize purchasing new undies instead.

Exhibit 2.

I am a canvas bag shopper, I always bring my own bags and rarely uses plastic ones, so I find the idea of spending $16 on rolls of plastic bags for Char’s poop obscured. INSTEAD, I collect plastic bags from my boyfriend and coworkers’ takeout orders, my mom’s supermarket trips and anywhere else I can find them.

Untitled design

Example 3.

No point in buying these fancy Rubbermaid containers….  Everything from my raspberry jam glass jars to Chinese takeout plastic containers are fair game substitutes and fits my lunch meals perfectly. #SorryAmazon


I hope these three examples reflect less of what a cheap’o’ I am and more of my reuse and reduce lifestyle. In reality, I could purchase new jeans for cheap but I don’t want to. I want my next jeans and underwear purchases to come from a sustainably responsible brand and that means I am willing to hold off until I can truly afford these high quality items.

~~how cheap are you?????~~