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on 22

It’s walking ten blocks

             to save three bucks

It’s dodging umbrellas

             through the crowded sidewalks

It’s braiding your hair

             and letting it frizz

             because you just don’t care

It’s going out for drinks with your coworkers

              who are nine years your senior

It’s realizing you’re on the 7:45 local

               and have a ton of shit to fold when you get home

                wasting away your time with the commutes

Falling apart from childhood friends

                but allowing it

It’s not letting distance get in the way of special friendships

It’s eating dollar pizza on your lunch break

                 from your human rights internship

It’s finally loving a man and

                 being loved by him

It’s working on your insecurities to be the person

                 you’ve dreamed of

It’s walking past the NYTs building on 620 eighth ave

                 and envisioning the day an article will be

                 written about you

It’s learning to stand with your head held high

                 when it seems no one wants



It’s about being afraid of the future

                   but not enough to lose out

                   on the endless opportunities